The Switchd timeline

2 minutes

You sign up

We check your meter

1-2 weeks

We search over 26,000 tariffs

We initiate your switch to the best deal on the market

We check switch goes ahead

Every month

You can submit meter readings

We keep checking for a better deal

What you'll see

Email Notifications

We'll let you know when a switch is going ahead and how much you are going to save. You don't need to do anything for the switch to go ahead, instead why not plan what to spend your extra money on.

Customer Dashboard

Should you want to see what energy tariff you are on, see how much you've saved or refer a friend; our handy dashboard gives you access to all you energy details in one place.

Multiple properties

Switchd has been built with multiple properties in mind, taking away the admin of tracking multiple accounts.

Keep payment and communications separate but all of your accounts in one handy dashboard. Get in contact if you have any questions and we can help with the onboarding process.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs